waiting in vain

Our fourth week of training at DM9 went too fast. We did not realize how short our stay there is until we nearly completed the required 150 OJT hours. I personally thought that it would be hard to complete since a week has just been spent for the Lenten season. Cyndie started pouring out her emotions, saying that she would definitely miss the office people and the city itself. I felt the other way around. I was so excited to leave DM9 and Makati. I wanted to carry on ASAP with the second company I applied for in Ortigas. I roughly enjoyed my stay in the advertising field. I do not know if it is because of the place (I ride the MRT everyday and experience a lot of squeezing in and stepping on), the office (few employees means small space), the food (we hardly eat “real” food because we go out for quick snacks and lunch meals at fast food restos---you will lose your appetite once you see the long lines and the swarming of corporate folks in Greenbelt), the people (the employees are way too busy to notice your breathing gaps; plus, they do not have much to ask from trainees), the citizens (I find them “sosyal” anti-social), or the job. I JUST WANTED TO GET OF THERE. PERIOD.


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