Among all the people in DM9, I see that Herbert is the most hospitable. Maybe it is because of our two or 3-year age gap that we find it comforting to talk to him rather than the others who seem to be glued on their computers and only stretches their legs every half an hour to smoke in the pantry. In him, I saw patience. He never left questions unanswered and never failed to explain his beliefs. He shared his way of thinking and taught me to brainstorm in a different manner. He even made us work gracefully under pressure. By the way, he is a member of a popular band named Moonsatr88. It was really nice to have met him; especially that I do not have any male figures at home. One more thing, he was also open to us regarding facts about life, GOD, love, and work that made me wonder how much he has matured at a young age. Hopefully, when I have made my dreams into reality, I could be just like him…simple yet bursting with sentimentality.


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