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Miss Bet asked me during the interview if I write well. They were looking for writers that can help them in their advocacy magazine called SPiN!, which will hopefully be published this year. In preparation for this, Sir CP assigned to me the RECORIDA press release. There was no problem whatsoever with the task. It is just that he did not give me any information for the text that he wanted me to submit the next day. How could I be able to write about something without knowing what it really is? He just said: “RESEARCH.” I finished the press release at home and gave him a copy of what I thought was correct. I later on learned that it was not supposed to be discussing the whole recorida event, which will cover the month of May. It was just for the week. So I guess, it was a wrong move. In addition to this assignment, he had me researching the whole night on companies that take hours to completely view their websites. This time, I knew I could not be laid back as I was in DM9.


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