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I have always considered Public Relations as a serious field. Not only does it involve logic and critical thinking; it also pushes for some sort of creativity in order to come up with campaigns that are straightforward and appealing at the same time. For these reasons, I believe that I am well-equipped enough with the necessary knowledge and skills expected of from a student-assistant in your company.
Miriam College Education teaches its students the importance of academics and ethics as well as develops them to be women leaders in service. I would like to present myself as such for I truly value unequaled service more than just recognizing it as plain achievement. There is a sense of fulfillment in enjoying what you do while reaching out to other people. I understand that this opinion is in line with your task to serve your clients with utmost dedication. I may not yet have reached the full extent of what lobbying and political management are, but I am definitely willing to learn more than what textbooks can offer.
I can say that my curricular background has exposed me to the different areas of Media and Communication. This enabled me to practice working efficiently within groups as well as individually. I do not have any problems with adjusting and/or adapting to a new environment since I consider every situation as an opportunity to challenge my potentials and competence. I see job training not only as a school requirement, but also as a channel for me to really experience Public Relations on practical manner.
I am also aware of your intentions to promote career options for students. I think that being a student-assistant in your company will further weigh my career outlook; whether it is feasible for me to lean towards Public Relations or not. Apart from this, I consider myself as a goal-oriented person. I set my objectives high and work proactively to make them a reality. I believe that there is much in store for people who are optimistic and diligent. If given the chance, I would certainly put my best efforts to be receptive to change and support your company’s purpose and principles.


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