One of the people I like working with at DM9 aside from Herbert was Juanpaolo. He was our constant companion during all the field work we were assigned to. Since he grew up in the States, it is natural for him to speak in English with the American accent. Sometimes, it is difficult for me to grasp what he says but because he is patient enough, he makes it a point to slow down his speaking and explain to me what he is trying to say. Now, I have truly learned the value of patience. I was not aware of anything much before until I cared to stop and give time for things to settle down first. Hence, I deprived myself of the booming flowers and the rainbows just before sunshine. I only saw drought or storm. For this change in me, I am forever grateful and proud as well to have been taught an important value by two men who stood as friends and colleagues even for a short period of time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, I don't know how else to contact you so i just thought
of messaging you in my this comment page.

I was browsing thru the net looking for DM9's contact information, but then your link appeared.

Funny because I do know you.:)

My name is jel leyte, and I'm from MCHS pink batch 98, from class 4-5.

Im a friend of joan meris and diane gallardo, and i know dotie as well. :)

siguro if you see me by face, youll remember me.:O youre name is rhona diba and i think you studied in UST before.

anyway, ive been trying to search DM9's contact info but its not published sa net, i was wondering if you could give me a big favor and send me the office address, i just graduated from CA this year and i wanna send in my resume sana in that company. :)

you can e-mail me at jel_marvin2cool@yahoo.com for it.

Supper thanks, its gonna be of great help.

hope you wont mind, thanks so much, God bless you in your future plans and good luck in your career. :)

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